HauntedWeen is a horror/comedy, and was made in Bowling Green, KY. We filmed at WKU, the OLD Sigma Alpha Epsilon house, and a downtown warehouse for the interior scenes. We also used an old farmhouse in Richpond, KY for the exterior scenes. This was "The Burber House".

HauntedWeen took 23 days to shoot the principal photography and then another 2 years to complete. It was shot on 16mm film and transferred directly to video. We sold a little over 2,000 copies with a money back guarantee. No one sent a copy back to us. HauntedWeen was an independent film project of passion. After graduating with a Film/TV production degree from WKU, I wanted to show Hollywood that we could make movies in Kentucky. It became my quest. More than 200 people worked on the film at different times. Without the help of the local community, it would have been impossible to make the movie.

There were many local companies that helped us make our film, Houchens markets, Dominos Pizza, Subway, RC Cola, Dixie Cream Donuts, The Capitol Arts Theatre, Wilbur Sprouse, (107.1 The Gator), Barry Williams, WBKO, and too many news outlets to name… are just a few of the local supporters and folks that helped.

This DVD release will give everyone who worked on the film a lifelong memory. If you knew someone that was in the movie or even heard about it, you can buy the DVD and get a better understanding of how we accomplished the goal of delivering the film. The DVD includes The Movie, Director/Producer Commentary, a photo album, the original trailer, the unseen HauntedWeen music video, and the never before seen, The Making of HauntedWeen.

The Making of HauntedWeen, is a 45 minute documentary. It's a behind the scenes look at the film's secrets, the personalities, and the decision making process of how we filmed particular shots.

So BUY this movie with over 4 hours of quality entertainment... It's entertainment for sure.

***If we had paid for a rating, it would have been R at the time and probably PG-13 now. There is some nudity and some graphic killing scenes. But in the end, Good defeats Evil, or does it?

Movie Scenes