HauntedWeen Theme Songs

Ladies and gentlemen, brace yourselves for a rollicking rollercoaster ride through the craziest crypt in town, all courtesy of Ernest Raymer's hell-raising masterpiece, the official HauntedWeen theme song: "We're Just Dying (To Start the Show)!" Get ready to plunge headfirst into a vortex of absurdity and spooky shenanigans!

As the curtains rise (if they haven't been shredded by chainsaws and baseball bats already), and the earworm that is "We're Just Dying" fills the air, you'll realize this isn't your ordinary haunted house tour. No, siree! This is a pandemonium-packed party for pyscho slashers, and you're the VIP guest!

Ernest Raymer's "We're Just Dying" transforms Halloween into an uproarious carnival, and you're the ringleader of the freak show! So dust off your rubber chicken, put on your rainbow wig, and prepare to boogie with the wackiest crew in town. HauntedWeen isn't just a theme song; it's a madcap musical maelstrom that'll leave you cackling with delight!

The Ernie Small Blues Band performs “No Guarantee” written by Earnest Raymer, the writer and performer of the Official “HauntedWeen” Theme Song “We’re Just Dyin’ (To Start The Show)

Earnest Raymer, the writer and performer of the “HauntedWeen” Theme Song in the movie.  In addition he wrote a song titled “No Guarantees” which was performed by The Ernie Small Blues Band.

The Ernie Small Blues Band has been playing for more than 30 years. The band is based in Bowling Green, Kentucky and has eight members. 

The members of the Ernie Small Blues Band are: